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Sheri "dB" Bennington

Senior Director, Procurement & Trade Compliance

Sheri Bennington is a 27-year USAF veteran. She served in multiple leadership roles across the Air Force
Acquisition enterprise. Notable leadership assignments include Squadron (2X) and Group Commander
(2X) for Air Contracting operations around the world and two assignments in the middle east including
Deputy Senior Contracting Official for Operation New Dawn. She also served as major weapons system
contracting officer for major weapon systems including R&D space systems, Global Hawk, Dark Star and
Predator and Big Safari systems. Joint assignments include the National Reconnaissance Office (SIGNT,
& R&D), the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Joint Strike Fighter Program Office where she led the
Information Integration Division and the Helmet Mounted Display System. Her staff assignments
include the Global Power Directorate, under the Air Force Secretariate leading the Joint Strike Fighter
budget for the Air Force as well as the senior military assistant roles within the Air Force Acquisition
Secretariat. Sheri is married to Mark Bennington, lives in Harrisburg, PA and has 4 girls. She enjoys
golf, golf and more golf.

Sheri "dB" Bennington
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