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MiG-29 Fulcrum


Providing current and relevant tactical scenarios with advanced threat representative aircraft, flown by seasoned professionals.

RAVN aircrew fly in the aggressor role against our DoD’s fighter pilots as a training aid,  exposing them to challenging scenarios representative of the tactics and advanced capabilities of today’s global threats. 

Utilizing the latest intel assessments, service guidance for threat replication and blue air’s desired learning objectives, our cadre of former U.S. military fighter pilots executes tactics that create a realistic and demanding challenge for our nation’s warfighters, sharpening their tactical skills and improving their real-world readiness.

Joint Helmet Mounted

Cueing System

AIM-9X or Python 5

High Thrust to Weight ratio MiG 29

HOTAS ergonomics

RAVN provides all adversary air training capabilities, including:

AESA Radars


Advanced Data Links

Supersonic Aircraft

Passive Attacks


Experienced Fighter Pilots, Operational Test Pilots and Instructor Pilots Advanced BVR Scenario for 5th Gen:

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