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RAVN Aerospace enemy aircraft MiG-29 Fulcrum


(Adversary Air)

Providing current and relevant tactical scenarios with advanced threat representative aircraft, flown by highly experienced professionals.



Advanced air-to-surface capabilities both day and night in support of CAS (Close Air Support) and JTAC (Joint Terminal Air Controller) Training.


End-to-end testing solutions from research, test plan development and precise execution utilizing DT (Developmental Test) pilots.


(Intel, Surveillance, Reconnaisance)

Linking assets, personnel, and information across multiple domains in both training scenarios and real-world situations.

Accomplishing more than what's set out to be accomplished.

Mission Precision.
From the ground up.

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Houston Spaceport
Texas, 77034
+1 346-888-3521
RAVN Aerospace L-39ZA Albatros
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Leading edge technology
the adversary way.

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Future-proofing the next generation to confront the complex scenarios presented in the 21st century.

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